Getting Electronic Components Checked

While older cars were made primarily of mechanical components, the newest models incorporate a lot of electronics in them. Most of the latest models of cars have at least one on board computer apart from a variety of electronics devices that enhance the safety and comfort of the passengers and increase the fuel efficiency of the car as well. Inspecting and repairing these electronics components requires specialized training and expertise. The ECU controls the amount of fuel being injected into the engine for optimal fuel efficiency and performance of the vehicle. The ECU monitors various conditions such as pressure and speed using sensors and then controls the flow of fuel using microcontrollers. The TCU is used in all automatic transmission automobiles to help shift the gears appropriately depending on various driving conditions. Again, sensors and microcontrollers are used to decide when to shift the gears and to actually do so to improve the performance of the car. Most of the latest models of cars have ABS or anti-lock brake systems that enable faster stopping of the car and provide the ability to continue to steer the car even as the brakes are applied. Again, the ABS has sensors and controllers that ensure that the right amount of pressure is applied to stop the car. The GPS is included in the dashboard of many high end cars and can help the driver find locations and routes with ease. Another electronics system in cars is part of their security systems. Many cars now come with keyless entry and ignition systems that are improved security systems. Even cars with transponder keys have an electronic security system as the transponder transmits a signal that the receiver checks before allowing the ignition to start. Apart from this many cars have other electronics safety features such as those that warn the driver about the need to check the engine for problems, unlocked doors, and passengers who have not fastened their seatbelts. In many cases, the car will not start unless all these safety issues are addressed. Another great feature that uses electronics in automobiles is the in vehicle communications system. These systems ensure that there is superior communication among the various components of the vehicles such as positioning or turning of the lamps in the direction in which the driver steers the car and so on. With most modern cars having multiple electronics components it becomes essential that they are all checked and serviced at regular intervals for the optimum performance of the car. This makes it important that the auto repair service station you take your car to for scheduled servicing or emergency repair has trained and certified technicians who have the knowledge to look into the electronics components of the car. Increasingly, the mechanical and electronic components are integrated and the technicians must have the ability to repair both.

December 4, 2015