Supreme Automotive Maintenance Tips

Modern cars require less maintenance than older ones. However, you still need to take care of this investment to ensure that you do not end up spending a lot on repairing it. When you are not using the car in Plymouth, MI, park it in the garage. This will protect it from the weather – heat, dust, and cold. Clear the garage of unwanted junk and make space for your car, so that it can be parked inside each day or evening. While newer models of automobiles do not require frequent servicing, one should still take the car to the service center as per the owner manual. This means that you need to keep track of the mileage or time interval and take the automobile in for a service. In order to ensure that your car provides the best mileage, make sure to inflate the tires at least once a quarter. Tires that have low inflation will cut the mileage and wear out faster while over inflated tires can also wear out faster. Both types of tires will make it more difficult to control the car, leading to skids and accidents. The front and rear tires in a car wear out at different rates. As such you need to make it a point to rotate them every six months to ensure that they all wear out evenly. Many car accidents take place because the driver was unable to clearly spot the obstacle. This can be caused because the wipers could not efficiently clear the windshield of snow and water. To avoid this situation, check the wipers at the beginning of fall and replace damaged wipers before the precipitation that occurs in these months. You also need to track the oil levels in the car. For this, wipe the dipstick once the engine has cooled and then re-dip it in the oil compartment before taking it out. This will give you a better indication of the oil level than just checking the dipstick without cleaning it first. A dirty air filer will reduce the amount of air the engine has available, making for wasteful use of fuel. Make it a point to clean the air filers once a quarter and more frequently if you live in a dusty area. By following these tips you will be able to ensure that your vehicle works fine for a longer period of time.

September 5, 2015